Check Out These New Stitch Frame Hoops! Good for Embroidery, Punch Needle, Or Cross-Stitch

These Stitch Frames work like a normal embroidery hoop where you can stitch in it and use it as a frame. But these are way cuter!

Allie is the owner and creator of Stitch Frames. These are like a cross between embroidery hoops and picture frames. Patent Pending! Allie paints them all herself and offers a variety of colors and shapes. I like how the back of the frames make hanging easy but also have those cute hole shapes. That didn’t make any sense, so take a look at the video below on how use the Stitch Frame.

While Stitch Frames can be used for embroidery or cross-stitch, I think its design is really suited for punch needle. I like how the chonkier frames complement the pile of the punch needle loops. These are also a great idea for those that only want to do one or two punch needle projects and don’t really need the punch needle frame.

Check out the Stitch Frame website and follow them on Instagram.

What a great idea! If you want to find this post again, you can always head to Punch Needle or the other needlework topics at the top of Frogging News. Then look under Supplies for Hoops and Frames.

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