Needlepoint Finishing Deadlines for the 2021 Winter Holidays

Do you have Christmas or Hanukkah needlepoint projects that need professional finishing? Check with your LNS because there are no guarantees this year.

Talk to your local needlepoint shop to see what their deadlines are especially since there are continued delays due to the pandemic. Typically late spring or early summer is the time to get your winter holiday needlepoint projects sent in, but shops are suggesting that you check first. For instance, lists May 21st to May 28th as deadlines. The Needlepointer suggests getting your pieces sent in by May 15th for 2021, and they still can’t make any guarantees.

And House of Needlepoint has this to say: “This year (2021) many of our finishers are not going to work with deadlines. Due to the pandemic and the overwhelming amount of new and old stitchers finishing projects we recommend as soon as you complete your project you bring it in for finishing.

So get those needlepoint standups, ornaments, stockings, pillows, and boxes all stitched up because Christmas is coming and Hanukkah is happening!

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