Sarah Homfray has Excellent Video Tutorials: This Time on Embroidery Needles

Check out Sarah’s video tutorial on different types and sizes of embroidery needles. Plus a bonus tutorial on how she uses curved needles!

Sarah Homfray has been doing embroidery tutorials on YouTube for many years now. It is my own chagrin that I have not yet posted about her. She is a graduate of The Royal School of Needlework and is a professional embroiderer and teacher. See what else Sarah is up to on her website which includes classes and supplies.

Quick Links:

I love her videos because they are to the point (haha). Sarah also covers quite a lot of topics: goldwork, blackwork, canvaswork (needlepoint), ribbon embroidery, tambour, as well as tips and tricks. Since there are a lot of videos you might out her YouTube playlists.

I also haven’t mentioned yet that Sarah is British and has that very pleasant accent to listen to while learning. And speaking of learning, she covers how to clean your needles. I had no idea there were needle cleaners in the world. Cool!

What a great resource! If you need to come back to it again, you can always head to the Hand Embroidery menu item at the top of Frogging News. Then look for Needles under Supplies.

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