Engravers Chart by Hello from Liz Mathews was a Hit at Needlework Expo

Lots of good things have come out of Needlework Expo 2021, but the cross-stitch alphabet ‘Engravers Chart’ by Hello from Liz was certainly a hit!

Needlework Expo a trade show for cross-stitch retailers, designers, and the like that happened in March 6th thru 8th of 2021. It was an online show only in response relating to the pandemic in regards to Nashville Needlework Expo having to cancel since it’s an in-person show. Nashville Expo has plans for 2022, however it’s too early to say if Needlework Expo will continue next year.

There were lots of goodies and great things to see via all the sneak peeks from social media. I especially like Jan Hicks Creates video Let’s Go Shopping at the Needlework Expo! It was very thorough and covered a lot. It was the talk of Liz’s ‘Engravers Chart’ that had my ears pricked. Not only has her chart and finished piece been talked about quite a bit, but I thought it was most interesting because stitchers have mentioned getting the chart but as reference only.

It’s easy to see why ‘Engravers Chart’ would make a good reference. Liz says it has 10 alphabets in different fonts and two number sets. See Liz’s Instagram post about it below as well as tips and tricks if you do happen to stitch it. It is only currently available from local needlework as hardcopies, or here are a few shops on Etsy that carry ‘Engravers Chart’ by Hello from Liz Mathews:

There is also a video below from Liz covering all of her Needlework Expo releases.

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