7 Snarky, Sassy, and Subversive Cross-Stitch Books to Keep You in Stitches

Whether it’s because of dumpster fires, trash compactors, or political garbage, check out these seven subversive cross-stitch books if you feeling like stabbing something but in a polite, lady-like way 😉

Sometimes you just want to stitch a pretty border with a swear word in it. Maybe it’s a strong, feminist statement to keep on your wall. Or you just want to stitch a gnome butt. No judgement here! Whether it’s just for giggles or to make us feel inspired, there’s a cross-stitch for that.

Several of the authors on this list have had there ups and downs over the last few years a lot of it having to do with the political climate. Then there came the realization that a lot of other folx out there like the kinds of patterns they were creating. Stitching gives us something to keep busy, to feel centered or empowered, or to promote craftivism and gives us a sense of community. There are others that feel the same way we do.

So if any of that resonates with you, take a look at the list of books to see which one strikes your fancy or strikes a match! There are lots of links and some background info too.

sub·ver·sive /səbˈvərsiv/ adjective

  1. seeking or intended to subvert an established system or institution.

Similar: disruptive – troublemaking – inflammatory

Okay, let’s take a look at these improper cross-stitch books and the troublemaking authors behind them!

The new kid on the block, or I should say family. Wait, what? See what’s up in this totally great book review I did.

Check them out on Instagram!


I don’t mean to dwell on what Stephanie has been through with the book, so I think it’s important to know about the trash compactor thing, support, and move forward.

Follow Stephanie Rohr on Instagram 🙂


What cheeky little gnomes! Don’t let the gnome butts fool you (is a thing I just wrote, thanks Haley). There might be an F-bomb or two in this one!

Haley Pierson-Cox is on Twitter!


Queens of Sass! I also feel like Rose would have stitched something subversive but maybe as a present for Blanche or maybe Ma Sophia 😉


Okay this is the third book in this list by Haley. I feel like there’s a pattern here. It’s as if she’s trying to tell us something…


This one features feminism and political protests. Some reviewers didn’t feel like the cover matched the contents, so I’m warning ya!

See more of what Rayna Fahey is up to on her website/blog Radical Cross Stitch.


From 2015 but still a goodie! Or more of a naughty? Haha.

Not only did Julie Jackson just do a collaboration with Jenny Lawson of The Bloggess, Julie has a fresh, new book coming out later this year!

Her website/blog is the best place to find Julie Jackson.


There is a lot to choose from on this list. You can always come back to it later by clicking on Cross-Stitch at the top of the blog or see Needlework Books.

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