How About These Stunning Easter Eggs from Bad Bitch Needlepoint

Are you dyeing to stitch some Easter Eggs? Well check out these gorgeous eggs from Bad Bitch Needlepoint!

On her Instagram, Erica of Bad Bitch says these eggs will be the first in an annual series. I love this idea and her designs. These would be great as ornaments on a little Easter tree.

Erica said these were designed with neon and fluorescents in mind but doesn’t say if all of the eggs will follow that color scheme. We will just have to wait and see what she has in store for us. Oh and also, these won’t be available until Easter morning which is April 4th, 2021.

Follow Bad Bitch Needlepoint on Instagram or keep on an eye on the website for more.

To find these links again, you can always head to the Needlepoint menu item at the top of Frogging News. Then search for Shop Painted Canvases.

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