Irish Eyes are Smiling Because of These Snarky Cross-Stitch Patterns

Well maybe more than just Irish eyes are smiling at these snarky stitches. Whether you’re “Irish as Feck” or just on St. Patrick’s, these cross-stitch patterns will craic you up.

According to media company IrishCentral, 34 million Americans claim Irish Ancestry which is apparently seven times the Population of Ireland. In a second article from IrishCentral, more Americans claim to be Irish than American. Maybe they’re really leprechauns?

This first one is from none other than Tara, A Bitch in Time Stitches on Etsy.

Kiss off, I’m Irish measures 6.5″x7.5″ and is categorized as ‘Beginner’ on the “A Bitch In Time” difficulty scale because of the limited number of colours and simple forms. It requires an 8″x10″ frame.” Haha love her difficulty scale.

Tara says this pattern is not in her book fyi.

Speaking of Tara, you might want to grab her new book A Bitch in Time: 30 Snarcastic Stitches for You to Stab. Just in case you’re looking for more snark to stitch!

You can get a PDF of it from Tara’s Etsy shop ABitchInTimeStitches.

Or a paperback from Amazon.

Gaelic saying: Kiss my Arse (Pog mo Thoin) from Julie at Snarky Art Company on Etsy.

Her description, “The old Gaelic saying for “Kiss My Arse” Would be a perfect addition to a charming kitchen, for the sassy household. You can tell someone who asks that it says something charming and beautiful, they wont know the difference.” LOL

This Is A Craic Home – Cross Stitch Pattern PDF from Screaming Heart Design on Etsy. Haha that shop name tho.

“A fresh spin on the popular “crack house/crack home” modern cross stitch slogan and a great housewarming gift! Craic (pronounced the same as “crack”) is a Gaelic word with no exact English translation, but is synonymous with fun, news, gossip, entertainment, and enjoyable conversation.”

Irish As Feck Subversive Cross Stitch Pattern from kixstitches on Etsy.

“You will receive a pdf file with a colored symbol chart AND one with a black and white symbol chart. 4 colors. Grid Size: 110W x 100H.”

Make sure to check kixstitches other patterns. She has a big variety of patterns!

Craic Whore Cross Stitch Pattern – Funny Cross Stitch PDF by Aliton Embroidery on Etsy.

They also show a version black aida. It speaks to my heart.

For more snark, check out more of Aliton Embroidery.

Leprechauns Laugh Subversive Cross Stitch Pattern another one by kixstitches!

“You will receive a pdf file with a colored symbol chart AND one with a black and white symbol chart. 15 colors. Grid Size: 110W x 100H.

Adulthood Has Shown Me That You Don’t Need Fun To Have Alcohol Digital Cross Stitch Pattern PDF only by FreyjasThings on Etsy.

Not necessarily St. Patrick’s Day themed, but you get the idea 😉

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