Free Hand Embroidery Patterns From DMC

DMC has big library of free embroidery patterns with quite a range of themes and styles.

Embroidery floss company DMC not only sells products and patterns, but they also offer over 700 free embroidery patterns to keep you in stitches. They have lots of filters to help you narrow down the catalog. Once you pick a pattern, you can choose to purchase the corresponding floss. Styles range from simple to intricate.

There are almost 30 themes to found in their free pattern library. Florals take the top spot with 181 designs to choose from, and 131 animals. Again, they range from simple outlines to fully filled-in projects. These make great options from beginners and intermediate stitchers as well as advanced embroiderers!

Many folx know about DMC’s free patterns in cross-stitch and embroidery, but I wanted to have it show up in the resources page of Frogging News. I like to keep an eye out for free patterns and resources.

DMC Free Embroidery Patterns



To easily find this post again, you can always head to the Hand Embroidery menu item at the top of the Frogging News blog. Then navigate to Free Patterns.

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