Hanging With My Peeps From Online Shop Plastic-Canvas-Kits.com

Christina from Plastic-Canvas-Kits.com has kits and patterns to keep you hanging or stitching with your peeps!

I have seen this website around for many, many years, and indeed the About Us page says “Christina has been designing plastic canvas creations for the last 20 years.” I think the site is older than that though. I wonder when Christina last updated that page. Rest assured it is a safe site however, and she has a very active Facebook page.

One of my favorite things about plastic canvas is that you can build with it. I love this folding screen stitched as the peeps bunnies, and it will stand up on its own. When ordering from Plastic-Canvas-Kits.com, you can choose between a pattern to download, a pattern mailed to you, or a full kit mailed to you. This shop is based in the US.

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Why did the little chicken cross the road? To hang with her peeps!

Bunny Peeps Folding Screen

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