Free Mini Black Cat Patterns from Happiness is Cross Stitching

On her website Happiness is Cross Stitching, Lynn B has lots and lots of free cross-stitch patterns with a cute focus on mini black cats.

Lynn’s mini black cats series are a quick stitch. She has lots of holiday and seasonal patterns. On the website, Lynn has tutorials and suggestions for what to do with the little patterns like: pillows, scissor FOBs, flat-folds, and many more finishing instructions.

Aside from the free cross-stitch patterns, Lynn also has a lot of free printables. Things like tiny gifts bags, and gift tags with the mini black cats. Super cute! Also make sure to check out her Etsy shop where she has handmade thread holders, charms, larger patterns, and other cross-stitch supplies.

The links:

Do you like these links and patterns and want to easily find them again? You can always head to the Cross-Stitch menu item at the top of Frogging News then search for Free Patterns.

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