Frog at the Pond – Wood Disk Cross-Stitch Kit by Diana Watters Handmade

Today is Thursday, but please forgive me and enjoy this Wednesday Frog by Diana Watters. It is a full kit made with perforated wood!

I posted a lot on Wednesday, but it doesn’t matter. Am totaling ashamed for forgetting “It’s Wednesday my dudes” of internet infamy. I hope to make up for my lack of faith by pointing out this great kit: Frog at the Pond. The Etsy page says it’s great for beginners, but me thinks it’s also great for frog lovers 🐸.

I love the stitchables that shops like DianaWattersHandmade are coming up with. They are thin, perforated wood and have a variety of shapes including those of broaches and pendants. Their shop also has many more cross-stitch kits and supplies like embroidery hoops and fabric.

Please note, that this shop is only shipping to the US and Canada right now due to delays caused by the pandemic and whatnot. *ribbit

Frog at the Pond from Diana Watters Handmade

Wednesday’s Frog is a celebration of frogging your work. Even to frog is to stitch.

Click here for more >> Wednesday’s Frog.

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