International Women’s Day: 28 Powerful Maxims in Cross-Stitch

March 8th is International Women’s Day. Short, concise, powerful, and packed with a punch, let these maxims in cross-stitch inspire you!

max·imnoun: a short, pithy statement expressing a general truth or rule of conduct. “the maxim that actions speak louder than words”

Thank you to these folx for their hard work and inspirational stitches.

Lauren of plasticlittlecovers

  • Etsy PDF
  • 102 x 75 stitches
  • Anchor/DMC conversions
  • Etsy PDF
  • 91 x 125 stitches
  • Anchor/DMC conversions
  • Etsy PDF
  • 114 x 150 stitches
  • Anchor/DMC conversions
  • Etsy PDF
  • 122 x 149 stitches
  • Anchor/DMC conversions

Maria of QuaternionCreations

Stephanie of stephXstitch

Andrey of WonderHobby

Cherie at HappySlothPatterns

Kamala of AlitonEmbroidery

Shannon at BadAssCrossStitch

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