Cross-Stitch Reaching New Heights… in Space

A UK finance company commissioned Stitched With Love (by us) to create a cross-stitch piece that would go to outer space.

To celebrate their company going fee free, Heron Financial commissioned Amanda of Stitched With Love to create that quintessential ode to the domicile with Home Sweet Home in cross-stitch.

While it was a fun event it is also enchanting one for the cross-stitching community – reaching new heights (physically!) and breaking records (hopefully). And beyond that having cross-stitch seen worthy as paid work. While this happened in 2020, there is also a recent commercial where a hockey team commissioned Stephanie Rohr to create a cheeky cross-stitch for their commercial.

Amanda and hubby Tom were recently featured in The World of Cross Stitching magazine with a title of Out of This World. And in January on a Facebook post, Amanda looked back on her work with Heron Financial saying: “…it is still one of my absolute favourites (although I say that about each piece I stitch, this is the only piece that still gives me goosebumps to watch). I am so incredibly lucky that I got to do this.”

Links for Stitched with Love (by us): website, Facebook, Instagram

Heron Financial Sent Into Space from Heron Financial on Vimeo.

And speaking of inspiring and supportive community, I first saw the cross-stitch in space piece via GrandmaBeWildin post on Reddit. Thank you!

Please see my post on “2021 HOPE has arisen from the 2020 Dumpster Fire! Stitch it up Yourself with Grandma’s carefully curated ‘DUMPSTER FIRE PHOENIX’ 2021 Kit.” 🙂

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