Hobby Lobby Is Ending It’s 40% Off Coupon

February 27th, 2021 is the last time you can turn in the Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon.

In a surprising decision, the US retail craft store Hobby Lobby has said they will stop offering their 40% off coupon. Their “statement” said they want to offer discounts on thousands of items daily instead.

There is a purported leaked letter from an employee that the stores are to accept coupons until March 14th. USA Today has the link if you want to see it. Just check with your local store before using.

Aside from canceling the coupon itself, I found it very odd that the only statement was hidden inside the comment section of a Facebook post. Whoever runs the Hobby Lobby page responded to someone when asked if the rumors were true. I’ve added a screenshot here, because the actual “statement” was hard to find. And to my knowledge, it is the only word from Hobby Lobby other than the purported leaked letter.

It is on the January 26th post on Cookies and sprinkles and cupcakes. Oh my indeed.

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