Delight in the Vibrant Cross-Stitch of StitchingLand

StitchingLand is an Etsy shop by a Russian cross-stitch artist. Often featuring animals, scenery, and a few familiar faces.

Based out of Russia, StitchingLand offers downloadable PDFs of brilliantly-colored cross-stitch patterns. What struck me first was the bold contemporary colors. Then I noticed she has 10 pages worth of unique patterns on her Etsy shop. Impressive!

There are lots and lots of animals often with garments or some kind of decoration. I also appreciate how a lot of the creatures showed movement and weren’t always static.

StitchingLand on Etsy

StitchingLand on Instagram

Magic Forest Cross Stitch Pattern by StitchingLand

Mrs. Cow Cross Stitch Pattern by StitchingLand

Freddy Mercury Cross Stitch Pattern by StitchingLand

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