American Needlepoint Guild Has A New Blog

ANG has started a brand new blog featuring pieces from Needle Pointers Magazine.

ANG’s first blog post is an embroidery floss review. It covers different numbers of strands on different counts of needlepoint canvas. From the March/April 2019 issue of the magazine. The article also goes in depth with the writers experience with various kinds of flosses.

I think their new blog is a great idea because it gives a peek into what the magazine looks like and what they typically cover. Needle Pointers Magazine is included with the membership fee.

From the ANG About Us page:

“Membership is open to all. You are not required to demonstrate any level of stitching accomplishment to be eligible for membership. We welcome beginners, enthusiasts, and all who are interested in needlepoint.”

Here is their Instagram post about it as well.

Do you like this post and want to find it again? You can always head to Needlepoint on the menu header. Then scroll down for Latest Posts.

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