Reddit Embroidery Sub Rallied Around User Whose Ink Bled

Over the weekend, r/Embroidery helped user MikiCaji turn a mistake into a happy accident Bob Ross style.

MikiCaji says she was heartbroken when she tried to clean the ink off of her embroidery with rubbing alcohol only to have it bleed a blue color. But because of the blue and perhaps because we’ve been there, other users were quick to say that it actually added to the piece or they thought it was supposed to be that way.

One user in particular MainedOphelia told “…you’ve got to challenge you’re inner Bob Ross.” Make sure to click through to see they’re entire comment because it made MikiCaji tear up. And maybe me.

I found the whole exchange inspiring, and I’m sure many others did too. So I want to share it here.

See this first embed for the original post.

Completely ruined embroidery? i was working hard on this embroidery and then made the mistake of trying to clean the outlines of the marker with rubbing alcohol. The colors spread and now I’m afraid I can’t fix the piece anymore and I’m kinda heartbroken. Does anyone have a possible solution? from r/Embroidery

Make sure to click through to see how it turned out!

[Update] I just wanted to thank you guys so much for having more faith in me than I had in myself. I was feeling really discouraged with the accidental ink bleeding, but I tried to watercolor a sky. All of you really helped to inspire me and I can’t thank you guys enough from r/Embroidery

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