Facebook Group Stitch Maynia Has Been Closed By It’s Founders

Stitch Maynia was a cross-stitch group on Facebook created in 2015 by Garrett aka coffeestitcher and Katy aka thestashqueen. They have decided it’s time to close the group.

Quick info:

  • The Facebook group is closed to new members
  • Current members will have access until June 1st
  • Stitch Mania: The Talk Show on YouTube will also close
  • See the Instagram post below for more

Running a volunteer group as large as Stitch Maynia is certainly almost a full time job. It had almost 20,000 members. The heart of it will certainly live on. As Garrett points out in his post, there many subMaynia groups now on Facebook and hashtags on Instagram.

Garrett and Katy started the group 7 years ago at a time when there were very little groups to choose from. They say they are happy with what they started and what the community at large has grown into.

Thank you to coffeestitcher and thestashqueen for all that you have done!

There are two pages, so make sure to click for the full letter.

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