Embroidery Pattern of the Month from Faimyxstitch

Kseniia of Faimyxstitch has a pattern of the month program. She embroiders scenes of people or places with lots of detail.

Faimyxstitch has a huge library of patterns on her Etsy shop, but she also a pattern of the month. It’s a PDF but also comes with access to a video on how to make that particular pattern. That’s a fairly unique idea. Nice!

There is a little more to the pattern of the month. You can sign up on her Patreon in tier 3 which will enroll you in the pattern of the month program plus other goodies.

She has a lot going on so maybe start at her website and go from there, but here are some quick links:

Kseniia is really fun to follow on Instagram!

There were a lot of links in this post. If you want to come back to it later, you can always click on Hand Embroidery in the menu header then search for Shop Patterns.

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