A Year of Truckin’ Along Cross-Stitch Patterns

On her Instagram, Priscilla from Stitching with the Housewives shared a pic with all of their patterns from the Truckin’ Along series.

Almost all of them anyway. May is on it’s own. You have to scroll to see the collection.

Priscilla is traditionally a chalkboard artist. She gets asked a lot on their Flosstube why her patterns are always in black, so that’s why.

The Real Housewives are honestly my favorite. I love Priscilla’s farmhouse esthetic! She has a series on “tier tray tidbits” and all those hutches in her house *swoon.

Some quick links if you need them.

Hey there, did you like the links you saw in this post and want to find them again? You can always head to the Cross-Stitch menu item in the header then look for Shop Patterns.

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