Mini Masterpieces in Cross-Stitch

Mona Lisa will make you smile in this collection of mini masterpieces from CrossStitchyByNarnie.

This designer has approximately 20 of these little cross-stitch patterns in her Etsy shop CrossStitchByNarnie with more to come.

Aren’t they adorable? Look at little Mona Lisa!

They are mostly downloadable PDFs, but the shop also sells some kits. They don’t come with frames just embroidery hoops. The seller is based out of the UK.

Speaking of frames, I found out about these cross-stitch works of art from Reddit user bakingbooknerd. And they say you can search Etsy for dollhouse picture frames to find some tiny frames. There is actually a lot to choose from!

[FO] I stayed up late last night to finish these, and can’t wait to do the rest! Mini cross stitch masterpieces (source in comments) from r/CrossStitch

Do you like the links in the post and want to find it again? You can always head to the Cross-Stitch menu item in the header then search for Shop Patterns

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