12 Downloadable Cross-Stitch Patterns for Pancake Day

12 downloadable PDF cross-stitch patterns to celebrate Pancake Day no matter where you are in the world.

For many, Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday is supposed to be a feast before Lent. It’s also typically a UK holiday. Brits sure do know how to party 😉

In the US though, we just know that IHOP gives out free pancakes. Well maybe not this year because pandemic 🙁

But here are 12 cross-stitch patterns to help you celebrate Pancake Day. They are downloadable PDFs, so that you can enjoy them no matter what country you are in. And they’re gluten free 🙂

Sorry, these are only American, fluffy style pancakes. The crepe version is harder to find.

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Do you really like pancakes and want to stitch them all? Head to the Cross-Stitch item menu in the header to find this post again. As well as other unique patterns.

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