Chinese Zodiac Cross-Stitch Patterns from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

Frosted Pumpkin has added their kawaii style to Chinese Zodiac characters in cross-stitch.

In 2021, Chinese New Year begins on Friday February 12th. The Lunar New Year celebrated by many Asian countries also begins on February 12th this year. We have Vietnamese relatives, and I still need to track down some red envelopes for lucky money for my niece and nephew.

Frosted Pumpkin’s patterns are focused on the Chinese calendar, but they might be interchangeable. Check with them before purchasing if you have questions.

The Chinese Zodiac Club Cross Stitch Pattern was originally a stitch-a-long, but it is over now so all of the charts are available to complete it. Click the link for their website or see the Instagram post below.

They also have individual characters with their year according to the Chinese Zodiac. Chinese Zodiac Collections

Did you like this post and want to find it again? You can always click on the Cross-Stitch menu item in the header then >> Shop Patterns.

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