7 Mardi Gras Cross-Stitch Patterns for Quarantine 2021

No Mardi Gras parades for 2021, le sigh. But let’s make the best of it by cross-stitching with the cheery colors of gold, purple and green.

There will still be some events to be found, but the big ones have been cancelled this year. So a lot of people will be staying home and making their own decorations. There is even a movement now where people are turning their houses into floats with plans to throw trinkets at neighbors!

Here are some cross-stitch patterns via Etsy to celebrate anyway. Or maybe you just like the beautiful colors. MardiGrasNewOrleans.com says the colors were introduced in 1872 to honor the visiting Russian Grand Duke Alexis Romanoff by using his family colors of gold, purple and green.

  • Gold for power
  • Purple for justice
  • Green for faith
Designer: Kittyandme

Kittyandme actually has lots of colorful cats.

Designer: littleapplestitchery

Simple but colorful.

Designer: CrossStitchEU

Haha, CrossStitchEU bringing the current popularity of gnomes to Mardi Gras!

Designer: CrossStitchEU

Another one from CrossStitchEU. Love the hearts since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

Designer: KLTCharting

Yes, it is a Mardi Gras penguin.

Designer: StitchXCrossStitch

A pretty little mask.

Designer: TheElfinForest

Its says celebrate life. A good reminder this year.

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