Valentine’s Day Tier Tray Decor 2021

For those of us who like to stitch and decorate with tiered trays.

For the smaller holidays like Valentine’s Day here in the US, I don’t want to decorate very much. I still like the pop of color though! That’s where tiered trays come in. I will add my stitched pieces, but it can’t all just be cross-stitch or punch needle. Or can it?

Anyway, below are some Etsy finds for tier tray decor when you need to mix it up a little.

You might also like this post by Bethany at Crisp Collective How to Style a Tier Tray. She has several tips including stacking items and playing with height.

Etsy shop: theSassyDesigns

Purchase: Home, Love, Buffalo Plaid Heart mini round 3D signs, home decor, tier tray decor, farmhouse

Looks like you get to pick either or the bundle of three. Not necessarily for Valentine’s Day, but it doesn’t always have to be about red.

Etsy shop: LovelyCuteStudio

Purchase: BUNDLE / Valentine’s Day Tier Tray Decor / Valentine’s Day Signs / Tier Tray Decor

Choose one of the eight pieces or the whole bundle. My fav is the love to Wi-Fi.

Etsy shop: TimelessChicDesignCo

Purchase: Valentine’s Day 7 Pieces Tier Tray Decor Sign Set

Like it says seven pieces to choose from. February 14th be mine ❤️

Etsy shop: Koinoniaandco

Purchase: Farmhouse Valentine Tiered Tray Decor Bundle

This one is for the whole bundle minus the tray itself. Love the softies.

Etsy shop: EdenandSkyebyLizette

Purchase: Custom Valentine’s Day, tiered tray decor

Ooh, they have a little ladder. That’s cute!

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