Stitch Palettes: A Floss Toss Generator

Stitch Palettes is a color palette generator for embroidery floss. It’s like a floss toss but more focused.

Want to see a beautiful, inspiring website that is easy to lose yourself in? That would be Stitch Palettes. It is palette generator with a focus on DMC embroidery floss.

For a deep dive, head to the Palette Generator in the header at the top of the website. For a quicker search more like a real floss toss, check out the sidebar. You will find:

  • Palettes by Color
  • Palettes by Scheme
    • Warm/Cool
    • Retro/Modern
    • etc.
  • Palettes by Season
  • Palettes by Theme

For the Generator itself, you can start by entering a DMC thread number, a HEX code, or simply clicking on a shade (also numbered). The threads listed are only the most commonly used.

I started with DMC 907. I was going for a froggy green because you know…

Notice there is a HEX code, my pick, DMC tapestry wool, and Anchor alternative.

Following that is:

  • Closest Colors
  • Color Schemes (Shades)
  • Monochromatic
  • Analogous
  • Complementary

Nothing surprising there. These topics have their related colors displayed as well fyi.

Stitch Palettes also has additional palette topics. Ones I have never even heard of which isn’t really saying all that much 😉 But I think this is really where it gets interesting as far as floss toss choices.

Image from Stitch Palettes
Image from Stitch Palettes
Image from Stitch Palettes
Image from Stitch Palettes
Image from Stitch Palettes
Image from Stitch Palettes

Their home page and social media accounts also have these inspiring, themed color palettes like the ones from their Instagram account below. You can get these beautiful images in your own feeds on Facebook and Pinterest.

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