Exquisite 3D Embroidered Koi Ponds From Reddit Users

While the original idea for these 3D koi ponds were posted some years ago on r/Embroidery, quarantine 2020 has seen many Reddit users try their hand at this beautiful embroidery idea.

The ‘pond’ is typically a stack of three wood embroidery hoops with tulle as the fabric of the water.

Fish, lily pads, turtles, algae, and different takes on the bottom of the pond 🙂

Quick link! For tips and tricks on how to make your own embroidered koi pond, see u/M1ch00l responses to questions in the comments.

My Koi Pond inspired by u/M1ch00l. 🙂 from r/Embroidery
My version of the 3-layered koi pond – a birthday gift for my partner’s mother! from r/Embroidery
My attempt at a koi pond! Had so much fun making it, love the way it turned out!!😊 from r/Embroidery
My 3 hoop koi pond (inspired by the others on here) to be hung in the window. There’s a lot I’ll do differently next time, but I’m pleased with my first try! from r/Embroidery
My take on the 3D koi pond from r/Embroidery
After seeing u/crazycatlady1919 u/M1ch00I koi ponds I HAD to make my own and I didn’t think I would be so proud of something so soon (thought my last project was my favorite but I think I already have a new favorite!) from r/Embroidery
Tried my hand at that Koi pond embroidery. I love how it turned out! It’s a gift for my sister who loves Koi. from r/Embroidery
A 3D koi pond on tulle, with 3 hoops. Details/process in comments. from r/Embroidery

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