CraftyPod’s Free Plastic Canvas Crafts are Still Online

Thank you to Diane Gilleland aka CraftyPod for keeping her website open with her most popular crafts.

Diane was a great sewist and crafter for many years online and off. Her work was in various related publications. However Diane ended her crafting career in 2015, but her website says she kept doing instructional and design work in other areas.

CraftyPod was definitely great at teaching crafts. So thankfully she still has her website up to share what she did which includes plastic canvas! Her patterns are free there, but are actually more like instructions than patterns.

My favorite was always this table runner Diane made from plastic canvas circles.

Image from CraftyPod

See CraftyPod on Plastic Canvas for how to make these:

  • Gem ornament
  • Plastic canvas box and lid
  • Joining canvas
  • Make your own design
  • Making a little case
  • Table runner
  • Needle book and pincushion
  • Gingerbread house ornament
  • Pendant

Some of which are better shown in a video.

Thanks Diane 🙂

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