Cross-Stitch Phoenix Rising from the Ashes of the 2020 Dumpster Fire

Behold this cross-stitch pattern of a fiery Phoenix as it rises up from the ashes and out of the dumpster fire ready to take flight for 2021.

A new meme to replace Bernie’s Mittens? Probably not, but this symbol of hope will definitely replace the 2020 dumpster fire!

Cross-stitch pattern of a Phoenix rising from the ashes of the year of the dumpster fire

Dumpster Fire Phoenix 2021 cross-stitch kit. Includes embroidery hoop.

Or just the pattern: Dumpster Fire Phoenix 2021 Cross Stitch Chart Pattern PDF

From the description: “2021 HOPE has arisen from the 2020 Dumpster Fire! Stitch it up Yourself with Grandma’s carefully curated ‘DUMPSTER FIRE PHOENIX’ 2021 Kit.”

This cross-stitch pattern comes from Etsy shop GrandmaBeWildin. Seriously, go take a look at her shop where there are many more subversive memes. And a great shop banner.

To know the history of needlework, is to know the history of women.

Follow along with GrandmaBeWildin aka SuZy Queue on:

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