Create Pinterest and Instagram Worthy Needlework Displays With Supplies from Craft Subscription Boxes

Craft subscription boxes can supply us with not only extra materials but also ideas as well.

For those of us that need ideas for displaying our finished needlework pieces. Maybe it’s a vignette on a 2-tiered tray or a seasonal display on a console table.

Image from Poppy’s Hobbies

This post isn’t meant to be about finishing but more about decorating. I’ve no doubt a lot of these craft supplies can be used for finishing though!

These subscription boxes are mostly described as trying new crafts every month which is great in itself. But try to pair them with your needlework or even layer them together.

Let’s explore >>>

This subscription box is by Poppy’s Hobbies – Seasonal Decor Craft Projects.

“Includes all supplies & materials to make Pinterest worthy projects.” Perfect!

This kit includes a wood or MDF craft item and paint, embellishments etc.

The crafts from this box would pair well with country, farmhouse styles.

This one is Craftee Box – The Premier DIY Box.

“Unlock your inner creative with the Craftee Box, a monthly subscription of Instagram-worthy DIY projects.” 🙂

Projects will vary based on the latest trends.

Love the modern, muted colors.

Now we have Craft in Style Box – DIY Box by Pop Shop America.

This one is a little bit different because the projects are sometimes needlework too!

Also they let you see the boxes beforehand so you have the option to skip a box that you’re not into. Cool.

“Craft In Style Box by Pop Shop America is the best way to diy! Join us and make stylish DIY Projects every month! Every box has new projects, easy instructions, all the supplies, and free gifts along the way! Crafts vary from terrariums, clay marbling, candles, gold gilding, sun print photography + more. All boxes can be customized for you.”

I hope ‘thinking outside of the box’ 😉 helped with decorating and displaying ideas. Stitch in style whether it’s for your home, your wall, or you.

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