Cross-Stitch of Bernie Sanders at the Inauguration

Quick Links for the Bernie mittens meme:

  • Cross-stitch of Bernie mittens below (not for sale)
  • Crochet pattern amigurumi style for sale on Etsy TobeyTimeCrochet (She allows others to make and sell the completed item but not the pattern. Watch for pirates please.)
  • Knit pattern for the mittens from Marly Bird (free, inspired) and see why the real mittens are unique
  • Sweatshirt 100% charity for Meals on Wheels Vermont from Bernie’s website

Social media was lit up on the 20th with lots of classy pics and silly memes of the US Presidential Inauguration. But it was Bernie Sanders sitting in a folding chair with arms and legs crossed wearing his knitted mittens that may have stole the show.

And coming as no surprise, we needed him cross-stitched. Kitschy Stitches delivered.

[FO] Bernie at the Inauguration stitch by @kitschystitchesau from r/CrossStitch

@kitschystitchesau also has a really great Instagram if you want to see more of her stuff!

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