Lord Libidan’s List of the ‘Best’ FlossTube Channels

I will admit that I, Aunt Kelley, saw Lord Libidan’s blog post title and was immediately ready to throw down. Were my favorites there? Who is he to say who’s best?

Well, he starts off the post by saying there were user submitted suggestions and then ordered by follower count. At the end of the list, Lord Libidan also has this criteria:

“All of the channels featured above post regularly (once a month minimum over the last year), and their content is about cross stitch at least 75% of the time. All flosstubers have been submitted by our users and must have at least 1000 followers on their main video platform.”

And yes, a lot of my favs were there. Stitching with the Housewives, Michelle Bendy Stitchy, Married with Stitches. It’s actually a great list to see who else to check out on FlossTube.

I just don’t care for the word ‘best’ here. It is a competitive word, but it’s also an internet word. I get it. As Lord Libidan suggests, FlossTube is a great, supportive community. It’s unique in that regard among the needlearts.

Anyway, if you want to submit a suggestion that fits the criteria, you have to fill out a form. There is no comment section.

Leave me a comment on those you like but maybe don’t fit yet. Here are a few of mine.

Kansas City Girl in a Colorado World. Julie also talks about books. I love to listen to her while I stitch.

Angela Stitches. She is from South Korea and often talks about life there and also what she is cooking.

Lea Revenga. She lives in Germany and first does a FlossTube in German, and then does a voice over in English. Lea also talks about diamond painting.

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