Nifty Needles from Lori Holt

Lori Holt of Bee in My Bonnet has her own needles and girl they are nifty!

Photo from Annie’s

Designer, quilter, cross-stitcher Lori Holt has her own needle line called Nifty Needles. The nifty thing is that the eye of the needles are color-coded. This is really great if you take them out of the tube to keep in a pincushion making it easy to grab the right one.

  • Tapestry is yellow with 20 needles in 5 sizes
  • Sewing is blue with 18 needles in 3 sizes
  • Applique is green with 18 needles in 3 sizes
  • Binding is purple with 18 needles in 3 sizes
  • Embroidery is teal with 19 needles in 3 sizes
  • Chunky is red with 10 needles

In a recent Flosstube video, Lori also mention that her needles have a larger eye so that they are easier to thread, and they also have a flat portion that stops the needle from rolling making the threads lay nicely. We also get to see the Queen Bee’s stitchy spot too!

You can shop the complete set at Annie’s. Be sure and check out their product video for a better look!

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