Vonna Pfeiffer The Twisted Stitcher

The cross-stitch finishing queen: Vonna Pfeiffer aka The Twisted Stitcher

Sometimes you just want to finish a cross-stitch piece in something other than a traditional frame. Something as unique and fun as the design itself. Meet Vonna Pfeiffer aka The Twisted Stitcher on the internet.

Not only is Vonna creative with her finishes, she also shows meticulous attention on how to fully finish a project so that it is keepsake quality. And The Twisted Stitcher shares her tips, techniques, and tutorials for free!

Check out Vonna’s blog where she has a list of finishing tutorials in the left side pane. They include: flat folds jar wraps bellpull, standups, jar lids, ornaments and many more!

Finishes from Vonna’s Flickr account.

PG_AR Merry Christmas

And! Vonna also has video tutorials on YouTube.

For more news and resources, you can always click on the Cross-Stitch menu item at the top of the website. Or click here:


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