Does Your Craft Room Look Like This?

It’s time to clean up the 2020 craft room for the new year with modular storage and peg board.

Messy, cluttered craft room desk.

It’s mostly a matter of putting things away, but I’ve branched out to other crafts so now I have more supplies than ever before. My youngest son and I like to make terrain and buildings for Dungeons and Dragons. I was also just working with my niece on a two foot tall fairy treehouse.

Across from my desk is a wall of yarn in wooden crates. I like the crates for the large skeins of yarn not so much for the small fiber.

I don’t even know what to do with this corner.

Desktop Storage Ideas for the Craft Room

This one is popular because it seems like it’s always out of stock near me.

Storage Desktop Carousel by Ashland®

Dear or Simply Tidy: Please make this one taller. It would be perfect for my embroidery floss on keyrings. Sincerely, Aunt Kelley.

Peg Storage Carousel by Simply Tidy™

I think has had the Simply Tidy modular line for a year or two now. With their coupons, I think a lot of these can be more affordable. Some of the shelves seem focused on paper crafts, but I have A LOT of plastic canvas I need to put somewhere.

They even carry extra shelves and just tabletops. And the cube idea is perfect because some inserts can be turned sideways for upright storage!

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