Unique Subscription Box Gifts for the Stitcher Who Has Everything

If the stitcher in your life has been doing their hobby for awhile, chances are they already have what they need. Take a peek at some unique subscription gift box ideas for a stitchy lifestyle.

First up are some gift boxes from Cratejoy an online marketplace a lot like Etsy, but they only deal in subscription boxes. Keep in mind that placing an order for a box now means the recipient won’t get their first one until January. But a greeting card with a note inside should do the trick for now : )

A subscription box for Rae Dunn Lovers from the shop Bundle Loving. They say it’s for those that want a little more variety with items from trinket boxes to toilet brushes!

US based. Ships worldwide.

Escape the Crate is a bi-monthly “Escape Room” subscription box full of puzzles and mysteries to solve. This one is for a group, but it gives you and your stitcher time together.

US based. Ships worldwide.

Cratejoy has a lot of self-care boxes to choose from. This one is TheraBox – Self Care Subscription Box.

US based. Ships worldwide.

How cute is this? This is great especially if your stitcher sits by a window. Succulents Box – Monthly Subscription Box

Ships only to US residents.

I follow several cross-stitch gals on YouTube who loves these. They are nail polish but like a sticker! From Nail Shack.

US based. Ships worldwide.

Yes, those are macarons. Can you imagine getting hand baked macarons each month! This is Phivi French Macaron Box.

US based residents only.

Next we have some subscription box gift ideas from Etsy shops. Etsy is a bit different than Cratejoy because Etsy doesn’t do subscriptions. You can pay for one month at a time or some sellers have a separate website where you can do a subscription.

First up is this best seller on Etsy. Magickal Earth Subscription Box is astrological themed with self-care items as well.

US based. Ships worldwide.

Tea please! Go on a journey with this Tea Passport Subscription from LittleWoodsHerbal.

US based. Ships worldwide.

Oh the candy! A lot of embroidery boxes come with little treats so why not an entire box of treats? This Specialty Box: Sour is from TheCandyStopStore, and they have more to choose from.

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