Too Late to Ship? Stitchy Gift Ideas at Michaels

Whether it’s same day delivery or curbside pickup, here are some last minute gift ideas you can get from Michaels.

Counted Cross-Stitch Kits

There is cutesy, chalkboard, subversive, or full coverage to choose from. Just check to make sure your store has that one in stock. Kits have all of the supplies you would need except for embroidery scissors.

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Punch Needle Kits

Michaels also has punch needle kits. Punch needle is even easier than cross-stitch, but the special needle is not included in the kits fyi.

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Embroidery Kits

They also have a lot of quick and easy embroidery kits! They don’t all contain embroidery hoops however. Make sure to look at the contents included.

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Embroidery Scissors and Hoops

None of the kits come with embroidery scissors. Only some kits come with hoops.

Michaels embroidery scissors are definitely ok. But for some fun, giftable scissors, see this post. And Amazon might be able to deliver them in time.

Froggy’s Picks: Embroidery Scissors

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