Historic Costume YouTubers and The Year of the Dumpster Fire

I’ve been looking for a way to sneak in some articles about my favorite historic costumers from YouTube. And so, here we have it.

Bernadette Banner – whom I’ve seen rise in popularity especially recently – is nearing 1 million subscribers. Huzzah! Bernadette makes her own clothes that range from Medieval to Edwardian periods using as accurate sewing methods as possible. That means no sewing machine!

In this case, she is making an 18th century tie-on pocket. Not only that, it has the prettiest embroidered dumpster fire. The entire pocket is actually a kit from Etsy shop SewStine: For Embroidery Lovers from an Embroidery Lover. Well, there are those of us who are not interested in sewing a Victorian pocket, but alas there is a PDF pattern for the dumpster itself.

2020 Dumpster Fire – 18th Century Pocket – Hand Embroidery Pattern – PDF for Hand embroidery only!

Please take a look at Bernadette’s esthetically pleasing and mildly snarky video.

“This the year of our Lord 2020, is a steaming pot of garbage disaster, and that women’s pockets have evolved into an unacceptable disgrace.”

I find it important to say that while there were a lot of disparate issues that we can chalk up to occuring in one year. There were also several events that we were systemic having built up over many years and won’t be over just because of a calendar change.

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