Going Back to Square 1 with DebBee’s Designs

So, it might seem like it’s all cross-stitch around here, but that’s not true. Needlepoint just doesn’t seem to have a lot of ‘news’, or maybe I’m just not looking hard enough.

Well, I was checking out the podcast Fiber Talk and there it was. Debbie of DebBee’s Designs has started a free class for a counted needlepoint chart Square 1. And her Store has affordable needlepoint patterns!

Debbie offers charted designs which are 6″ by 6″ for approximately $18.

I just bought this one: Touch of Spring. Geometric needlepoint is Aunt Kelley’s favorite! And also green.

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Love from Aunt Kelley

You may need framing supplies. I have this Frank A. Edmunds 9 Pair Stretcher Bar Set, and this super handy Lacis Corjac Tack Kit via Amazon.

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