Curated Collection: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Cross-stitch Patterns

Small in stature but imposing in character, Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1993-2020) Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court passed away this September at age 87. Nicknamed The Notorious RBG, Ruth was an inspirational icon for equal rights and women’s empowerment.

I don’t know if Former Justice Ginsburg did any needlework of her own, but she definitely used it a way to stand out from her male counterparts for whom the black robes showed off their ties. Ruth was known for wearing lace collars sometimes adorned with jewels in sessions and sometimes work black lace gloves and embroidered jackets elsewhere.

Whether as a tribute to your own well-being or as a gift, Etsy needlework designers have not failed to disappointed with creative and iconic silhouettes and quotes for the late, great Notorious RGB.

Cross-stitch Patterns


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